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Unique identification collection consent

The institution collects unique identification information (resident registration numbers) for the purpose of providing services.

A. Purpose of collection

- Required for the task

B. Retention period

- Permanent retention

C. Disadvantages and Disadvantages of Denying Consent

- If the "Information Subject" does not agree to provide the unique identification information, we will not be able to use it smoothly.

Personal Information Collection and Utilization

Personal information that will be collected from the Korea Energy Corporation (hereinafter referred to as the " industrial ") website is subject to personal information gathering and utilization in accordance with Article 15 of the Personal Information Protection Act. Therefore, the Government intends to collect and use personal information as follows : Users of the website may refuse to consent. However, there may be restrictions on membership and delivery services in this case.

[Purpose of personal information processing]

The Corporation collects and utilizes personal information for such work. The collected personal information will not be used for purposes other than the purpose of the intended purpose and will be notified to the Subscriber if the collection purpose changes.

[Items of personal information collected]

A. The Corporation collects and consents to the minimum amount of personal information required. The personal information items we collect are:

<General Membership>

- Mandatory: Name (Korean, Chinese characters, English), Social Security number, Sex, ID, Password, Address, Cell phone number, E-mail address

- Choices: phone number

B. The following information may be automatically generated and collected during the use of the service.

- IP Address, Cookie, Date and Time of Visitation, Service Usage Record, Bad Record

C. The following information may be collected during the payment process.

- Bank transfer, bank account, account number, etc.

[Collection and Use of Personal Information]

The Corporation collects personal information for the following reasons:

A. Membership Management

- Provide member service for business operation and confirm identity

- Confirmation of enrollment and proof of enrollment

- Communicate notices and process complaints

B. Provide other high quality services

[Personal Information Retention and Usage Period]

Information Subject The personal information is, in principle, destroyed without delay when the purpose of collecting and using personal information is achieved. However, the following information will be kept for the specified period for the following reasons.

A. Conservation grounds: Subscription and service information provision

B. Retention period: Until member withdrawal

[The fact that you have the right to refuse consent and the disadvantage of denying consent]

You may refuse to accept personal information when you sign up, and if you refuse to accept, you will not be able to sign up and use the site.

Terms of Use

Chapter 1 General

Article 1 (Purpose)

(Hereinafter referred to as "the Corporation") to provide basic information on the registration and use of the online service.

Article 2 (Effect and Change of Terms)

1. The contents of this Agreement shall become effective upon posting on the service screen or otherwise notifying the member.

2. The Corporation may change this Agreement if there is a reasonable cause, and the changed Terms will be announced on the homepage or notified to the Member via e-mail, and will be effective upon notice. If the user does not agree with the changed terms, the user can cancel his / her membership or withdraw from the membership (can not withdraw from the application after receipt of the application form).

Article 3 (Ruling Rules)

The matters not specified in these Terms and Conditions are subject to the provisions of the Telecommunications Act, the Telecommunications Business Act, the Regulations for Review of the Telecommunications Ethics Committee, the Code of Ethics for Telecommunications, the Program Protection Act and other relevant laws and regulations.

Article 4 (Definition of terms)

   The terms used in these Terms and Conditions are as follows.

    1. Usage (Receipt): The recipient of the services provided by the Site pursuant to these Terms and Conditions

    2. Subscription: Entering the information on the subscription form provided by the site and agreeing to the terms and conditions to complete the use agreement

    3. Member: Anyone who has registered as a member by providing Personal Information to the Site and is able to use the services provided by the Site.

    4. Password: A combination of letters and numbers selected by the user himself / herself in order to ensure that the user and member ID are identical and to protect his / her confidentiality in communication.

    5. Withdrawal: A member terminates the use agreement by himself / herself.

Chapter 2 Service Provision and Use

  Article 5 (Establishment of Use Contract)

    1. The use contract is established by completing the registration by recording the required information on the prescribed application form provided by the applicant online.

    2. You can cancel your subscription for the use contracts that fall under any of the following subparagraphs.

      1) When you apply using someone's name

      2) When you apply for membership application with false information

      3) If you interfere with the use of other people's site services or take actions such as stealing the information

      4) If you use the Site to conduct prohibited acts and this Agreement.

      5) When the requirements for application for use specified by other public corporations are not fulfilled

Article 6 (Change and Cancellation of Registration)

    1. When a member changes the matters described at the time of registration application, the member should change without delay by "modification of personal information".

    2. When a member intends to cancel the registration, the member must apply for withdrawal through "withdrawal of membership".

Article 7 (Agreement to Use Member Information)

    1. Member's personal information is protected by the law of personal information protection of public institutions.

    2. Member information of the site is used, managed and protected as follows.

1) Use of personal information: The site does not disclose or distribute the collected member's personal information to third parties without their consent. However, if there is a request by a state agency under the provisions of laws such as the Basic Act on Telecommunications, a request for criminal investigation, a request by the Information and Communication Ethics Committee, or a request made by other related laws and ordinances, This is not the case if you disclose personal information you provide on our site.

    2) Management of personal information: You may change your personal information from time to time in the management of personal information of service for protection and management of personal information.

    3) Protection of Personal Information: Your personal information can only be viewed / edited / deleted by you and your site administrator, which is managed entirely by your ID and password. Therefore, please do not give your ID and password to others, and be sure to log out at the end of the work.

 Article 8 (Security of User's Information)

   1. From the moment the applicant completes the site service registration process, you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the information you enter, and you are solely responsible for all consequences of using your ID and password.

   2. All responsibility for the management of the ID and password is the responsibility of the member, and if it is found that the ID or password of the member is used improperly, it shall be immediately notified to the Corporation. Members are responsible for any failure to provide notice.

   3. The user shall be liable for damages and losses caused by the use of the information about you by the third party by terminating the connection exactly at the end of the use of the service on the site, Not at all.

 Article 9 (Suspension and Restriction of Service)

   1. The Corporation may limit the suspension and use of the service if the user has acted in violation of the terms of this agreement or fall under any of the following cases:

     1) Inevitable due to repair or construction of service equipment

     2) When a telecommunications carrier specified in the Telecommunication Business Act ceases telecommunication service

3) When the use of the service is hindered due to national emergency, disruption of service facilities, or excessive use of services

Chapter 3 Obligations and Responsibilities

 Article 10 (Obligations of the Corporation)

    The Corporation does not disclose or distribute member's personal information to third parties without their consent. However, this shall not apply to cases where there is a request from the relevant national government agencies, etc. in accordance with relevant laws and regulations related to telecommunication.

 Article 11 (Obligations of Members)

   1. The information required at the time of membership registration must be filled in correctly. You must also maintain and update information about you that has already been provided so that it is accurate, and you should not allow members to use your ID and password for third parties.

   2. Members may not use the service without prior consent of the corporation to make any profit

 Article 12 (Prohibition of Transfer)

   The member can not transfer or give the right to use the service or other use contract status to another person.

 Article 13 (Compensation for Damages)

   The Corporation shall not be liable for damages caused by members' intention or negligence during the use of the Service.

 Article 14 (Disclaimer)

   1. The Corporation is exempted from liability for service if it can not provide services due to natural disasters or force majeure.

   2. The Corporation shall not be liable for any obstacle to the use of the service due to the reasons for the member's failure.

   3. The Corporation does not endorse, object or modify opinions expressed by members or third parties. The Corporation shall not be liable under any circumstances for any gain or loss suffered by the member depending on the information contained in the Service.

 Article 15 (Competent Court)

   If a lawsuit is filed against a dispute arising from the use of the service, the court of competent jurisdiction over the headquarters of the Corporation shall be the court of competent jurisdiction.

[Supplementary rule]

(Effective Date) This Agreement will be effective from August 5, 2013.

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